Best Cloud hosting of July, 2020

We have found best Cloud hosting of by getting different reviews, opinions but we are not rating Cloud hosting like others, because we believe that hosting choice depends on different factors , May be one hosting is very good in one factor but not as good on other factor. So Best way to read all plans and feature and choose best Cloud hosting.
Sitegroud is "cloud hosting providers" wtih options 40GB SSD to 120GB SSD,Dedicated IP with free CDN, free SSL,Daily backup and other features....
STARTING AT     $80 / Month
Hotinger introduce "Cheap Cloud hosting" with 3X More Speed, google server having free domain, free dedicated IP and free SSL Certificate....
STARTING AT     $7.45 / Month
Hostwinds offer lot of "Cloud hosting" options on hourly basis with Rapid SSD drives and Custom tempaltes for server configuration....
STARTING AT     $0.006931 / hour
CloudWays is one of the best "Cloud Hosting" with extra fast speed. CloudWays "Cloud hosting" are 32x faster and reliable in performance....
STARTING AT     $10 / Month
TMDHosting is "Cheap Cloud Hosting" with blazing fast speed.TMDHosting "Cloud hosting server" are 32x faster SSD Server with 3 layers of cache....
STARTING AT     $5.95 / Month
KnownHost offers fully managed "Cloud hosting server".KnownHost "cloud hosting of servers" come with Cloud Storage of 75GB to 200GB....
STARTING AT     $50.40 / Month
Amazon Hybird Cloud offers server with VMware cloud or on-premses AWS with cost effective storage, Workloads,serverless computing....
Skysilk "cloud hosting" has options for CentOS/Ubuntu. Skysilk "hosting" has hourly/monthly basis for 30GB to 5TB SSD....
STARTING AT     $2.0 / Month

Cloud hosting

A type of hosting in which We uses multiple servers to load balance and maximize the uptime plus speed.

In this hosting, Website will be in cluster section that uses resources from cloud. This is not just like traditional hosting, in which there is one single server and solution is deployed on that. In Cloud hosting, there are lot of servers connected virtually and physically, that hosts your application or website.

Cloud hosting Key features

  1. Your website/application are hosted on cloud (network of server), instead on a single server.
  2. There will no downtime occurrence in cloud hosting because in case of failure of one server, other are in working conditions.
  3. Here best thing in cloud hosting, you will be charged only for resources that you are using.
  4. Cloud hosting supports Linux/ Window and SQL /Non-SQL database.

Why Cloud Hosting is better than traditional Hosting?

  1. In Cloud hosting, bandwidth is managed bitterly and handle more traffic, while in traditional hosting offer limited bandwidth.
  2. As we have discussed above that user will pay only for resources on hourly basis, means user will pay only for resources used. In short, you have flexible pricing structure.
  3. The biggest thing hardware failure does not affect your website/ application, because your application/website is hosted on network of severs (Called cloud hosting).
  4. Your site is more secure in Cloud hosting because your website is isolated on physical server, Even if some attacks happens on one server, you can utilize resource of other servers.
  5. Your website has better speed and performance in Cloud hosting, because you have load balancing in resources and using multiple server environment.

Things to consider for cloud hosting

  1. Data Center
  2. During choice of selecting cloud hosting, Must see datacenter should be located at different location.

  3. Security
  4. Security is big concern during cloud host; you should check multi-layer security in cloud hosting like host, network, and physical setup. You should also keep eyes on advance security feature like data encryption, enterprise firewall, Prevention system (IDS & IPS).You must check security procedures provided by cloud hosting.

  5. Support
  6. You must check for 24/7 support team availability in case of issue in cloud hosting. Where someone is available on phone call, chat or email?

  7. Price
  8. It is Obvious that you will see price along with your requirements. So don’t go to expensive cloud hosting, expensive does not mean better. So negotiate price according your cloud hosting requirement.

  9. Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  10. Service level agreement is a document that has all terms and conditions. This document explain how hosting provider will treat you for any failure according to define standards. So must check SLA before going with any hosting provider for cloud hosting.

  11. Uptime
  12. You should check uptime guarantee for clouding hosting provider and consider with maximums uptime availability measure.

  13. Backup & Disaster Recovery
  14. You should check backup and disaster recovery plan of cloud hosting. How quick and timely backup options by hosting provider.

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