Best Dedicated hosting of July, 2020

We have found best Dedicated hosting of by getting different reviews, opinions but we are not rating Dedicated hosting like others, because we believe that hosting choice depends on different factors , May be one hosting is very good in one factor but not as good on other factor. So Best way to read all plans and feature and choose best Dedicated hosting.
Bluehost hosting providers has "dedicated hosting server" with 5000GB (Mirrored) storage to 1TB (Mirrored) storage,free domain, free SSL....
STARTING AT     $79.99 / Month
Fastcomet has "Fully Managed Dedicated hosting Servers" with 80GB SSD to 640GB SSD sapce on Cloud.Fastcomet has money back Guarantee....
STARTING AT     $111.19 / Month
A2hosting "Dedicated server hosting" is avaiable with unmanaged/managed server and core flex server with 20x faster server....
STARTING AT     $99.59 / Month
HostPoco has "cheap dedicated hosting server" with HDD storage/SSD storage from 2TB to 2 X 2TB with 99% uptime Guarantee....
STARTING AT     $80.00 / Month
ArzHost is offering serveral plans for dedicated server with different hardware and storage requirment.ArzHost hosting are affordable....
STARTING AT     $100 / Month
Fluant7 has serveral plans for dedicated hosting.Fluant7 dedicated hosting have 999.99 uptime guarantee with safe and secure server....
STARTING AT     $99.99 / Month
GoDaddy had powerful dedicated server uption with high capacity HDD and 25x faster.GoDaddy is giving 99.99 uptime with money back guarantee....
STARTING AT     $94.99 / Month
Inmotionhosting has best managed dedicated server hosting offers with free server managment, updates and patching....
STARTING AT     $139.99 / Month
HostWinds has fast dedicated server with low prices. HostWinds offers several plans for dedicated hosting according to client requirement....
STARTING AT     $90.00 / Month
Tmdhosting has special fully managed dedicated server with fastest speed avaiable with both USA and Europe datacenter Options....
STARTING AT     $79.97 / Month
KnowHost has fully customizable Unmanaged Servers. KnownHost also has several plans for Managed dedicated server....
STARTING AT     $87.20 / Month
Hostripples hosting has various best options for dedicated server hosting. Hostripples also offers Special Gaming Dedicated Server hosting....
STARTING AT     $160 / Month
DreamHost has Fully-Managed dedicated server hosting with Monthly and Yearly Plans with 100% uptime Guarantee....
STARTING AT     $149.0 / Month
Ipage has powerful dedicated server with lot of features. Page "Dedicated hosting" servers are faster in performance....
STARTING AT     $119.99 / Month
Accuwebhosting offer serveral dedicated server plan with custom configuration.Accuwebhosting also has Gaming sever options....
STARTING AT     $80.00 / Month
Vhosting has most stable and reliable dedicated server.Vhosting dedicated server plans are best for European clients....
STARTING AT     €169 / Month
Namecheap has "dedicated server hosting" with free migration.Namecheap is one of the "cheap dedicated server hosting" with airtight security....
STARTING AT     $41.88 / Month

Dedicated Hosting

The hosting in which hosting provides give the control of a single server is dedicated hosting and server is called dedicated server, because this server is reserved for you.

You can easily define, hosting provider give reserve server on lease to client and server hosted in data center.

The hosting provider gives you equipment of server and connection.

How dedicated hosting works?

In dedicated hosting, you have fully control over hardware and software server. You can configure and customize software according to your own needs.

Dedicate hosting is suitable for whom?

As dedicated hosting is too much costly as compared to shared hosting or VPS hosting, It should be purchase if you need too much security and you want to protect their data. As an example financial companies’ needs such dedicated server, health organization need dedicated server for their sensitive data.

Advantage of dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting has lot of benefits but few advantage of Dedicated web hosting are here.

  1. Configuration and Customization control
  2. You have fully control over server and you can configure or customize according to your own needs. While in share hosting maximum configuration and customization of sever is in hands of hosting providers. Here you should check which Operating system is requirement of your website like Linux or Windows.

  3. Performance
  4. Dedicated server performance is too much high, because no one is sharing bandwidth and server resource like RAM, CPU with you. So you will found a quick and speedy response for huge volume of traffic. As a result of dedicated server you have great uptime.

  5. Security
  6. Dedicated hosting has great leaver of security , biggest benefits of dedicated hosting that you website/data is secure. As you have control over the server, therefore you can take security measure yourself.

  7. Backup and Recovery
  8. You can set your own policy for backup and recovery. You can schedule backup for your data.

  9. Reliability
  10. Dedicate hosting biggest benefit is that you have greater uptime; obviously you can achieve 100% uptime but very close to that and your website will not go offline.

Disadvantage of dedicated hosting

Following are disadvantage of dedicated hosting.

  1. Cost
  2. Biggest drawback of dedicated hosting is cost, because hosting provider reserve a server for you , therefore their plans have too much cost. You have to pay all associated cost with server and not shared between users/clients as in shared hosting.

  3. Technical Requirement
  4. The other biggest drawback of dedicated hosting is technical requirement, because you need to configure/ customize server yourself according to your own requirement, therefore you should need a high level of technical expertise to manage the server. In startup of dedicated hosting has more cost, once configuration.

5 Factor to consider for dedicated Hosting

  1. Hardware Capacity and Quality
  2. You should check your requirement of processors, RAM, storage that fulfills you needs.

  3. Managed vs unmanaged server
  4. You should check your technical expertise and time to manage the server, upon basis of that select managed or unmanaged server. Managed server include security updates and management tool.if you are sleeting unmanaged server then check how much customization hosting provider offer. Also check option of firewall and remote back in both options of dedicated hosting.

  5. Bandwidth , connection speed and server location
  6. Bandwidth and connection speed will affect the performance of dedicated server. Connectively is complex topic, so consider quality of connection along with server location. Server location of data center effect the performance of dedicated hosting. So you should try to data center located near your audience.

  7. Backup and Recovery policy
  8. You should check backup and recovery policy in case of any failure or disaster.

  9. Security
  10. You should check security feature especially in case of managed dedicated hosting, you should look at spec of firewall and other security software.

  11. Support
  12. Obviously you are spending large amount on dedicated hosting, so must demand 24/7 support in case of failure or other troubleshooting.

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