Best Drupal hosting of July, 2020

We have found best Drupal hosting of by getting different reviews, opinions but we are not rating Drupal hosting like others, because we believe that hosting choice depends on different factors , May be one hosting is very good in one factor but not as good on other factor. So Best way to read all plans and feature and choose best Drupal hosting.
A2Hosting has fastest, easiest and most reliable Drupal hosting. A2Hosting is fastest performance with developer friendly environment....
STARTING AT     $2.99 / Month
Mochahost offer "Optimized Drupal hosting" with 100% uptime Guarantee. Mochahost is providing fastest hosting with reliable performance....
STARTING AT     $3.48 / Month
StieGround "Drupal hosted" crafted with Easy Drupal Launch, strongest security and Lightning speed.SiteGround has Awesome Drupal Tools....
STARTING AT     $3.95 / Month offer "E-commerce web hosting" for Drupal "Drupal hosting" plans are cheaper with best services....
STARTING AT      $5.00 / Month
FastComet has "Managed Drupal Hosting" on fastcloud hosting platform with free Cloudflare CDN.
STARTING AT     $2.95 / Month
Cloudways has SSD based "drupal hosting" with CDN to imporve site speed and load time.
STARTING AT     $10 / Month
Hostinger has cheapest "Drupal hosting" plans with Optimized speed and Cache Boost.
STARTING AT     $0.99 / Month
Chemiclud has fully optimized "drupal hosting" with top speed and reliabiity.
STARTING AT     $3.95 / Month
Tmdhosting has powerful durpal hosting with super fast, extra easy and most reliable.
STARTING AT     $2.95 / Month
Inmotionhosting has powerful managed "durpal hosting" with super fast, extra easy and most reliable.
STARTING AT     $22.99 / Month
GreenGeeks has "Drupal-ready hosting" with Advance security and top-tier performance.
STARTING AT     $2.95 / Month
Hostwinds has "Drupal hosting" with 500% faster speed and increased resources.
STARTING AT     $3.29 / Month
DreamHost has "Drupal hosting" fast,secure and always up with money back guarantee.
STARTING AT     $2.59 / Month has hosting and advanced workflow for any drupal architecture.
STARTING AT     $50 / Month
Pantheon has enterprice "Drupal CMS Hosting" with Unrivaled speed, uptime, and scalability.
STARTING AT     $29.00 / Month

Drupal Hosting

Any hosting that is that is compatible with Drupal Content Management system is called Drupal Hosting. There’s a large community of Drupal users and developers. IN Drupal hosting you can make website, blog, news website, personal or companies website etc. So to run website you need Drupal hosting necessarily.

Now we come toward detail of understanding Drupal.

What is Drupal?

Basically Drupal is content management system built in php and committed open source. The core part of Drupal provide general functionally found in any CMS (Content management system), but you can add more module and extension with help of Drupal development. .

How Drupal is different from Other CMS (Content management System)?

There are so many CMS system exists in market as alternative of Drupal like WordPress , Joomla etc. This is fact that many people use WordPress instead of Drupal because wordpress is easy in usage as compare to Drupal CMS. .

Basically many beginner or starter are happy with Wordpress , because Wordpress come with basic easy functionality and all other thing development is up to you, While on other hand Drupal is complex and mostly developer uses Drupal. .

Because of this quality, you can make complex websites with Drupal CMS. Hence Drupal is better than other for complex websites. .

Why to choose Drupal for Websites?

  1. If you have expert staff for software development then go with Drupal hosting.
  2. If your website CMS involve some complexity then go with Drupal hosting.
  3. If you want more security in CMS then go with Drupal hosting.

In simple if you required a CMS (Content management system) and you have small business or startup or individual then go with WordPress or Joomla. On the other hand if you have complex system and large organization then you go with Drupal. .

what is a benefit of Drupal hosting Plans?

Some of benefits of Drupal hosting are as follows. .

  1. Free
  2. Drupal is free of cost, May be you will use some template or extension with cost, but core Drupal is free. .

  3. Easy configuration and Installation
  4. Drupal can be added in hosting with one-click installation. But Drupal coding complex, so you need some skill or hire developer. .

  5. Drupal Community
  6. Drupal has large community, so you can find a number of built in module for Drupal. .

Factor to consider for Drupal hosting Plans

  1. Bandwidth
  2. You are going to choose Drupal, this mean you are planning a big website. So you will have more traffic , this mean you need to choose durpal hosting with more bandwidth. .

  3. Uptime
  4. Obviously, each and every should want his uptime unto 100% and You must go with maximums uptime. .

  5. Security
  6. Drupal is secure for website, but you know that extra security measures are better , because hacker trying to find a lot ways, So you need to select a hosting for Drupal that gives some importance to security.

  7. Backup
  8. You should check backup policy of Drupal hosting provider, because if you have done some changes and hire a developer, obviously you need backup and recovery in case of any disasters.

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