Best Free Web hosting of July, 2020

We have found best Free web hosting of by getting different reviews, opinions but we are not rating Free web hosting like others, because we believe that hosting choice depends on different factors , May be one hosting is very good in one factor but not as good on other factor. So Best way to read all plans and feature and choose best Free web hosting.
GoogieHost is providing free hosting forever with 1000 MB storage,Unlimited bandwidth and lot of other features.Hosting is ad free....
STARTING AT     $0.00 / Month
000webhost is free web hosting powerd by hostinger with PHP,MYSQL, CPanels and no adds with lot of other features....
STARTING AT     $0.00 / Month
Awardspace offer free web hosting with short domain, PHP, MYSQL, App Installer, Email Sending and No Ads....
STARTING AT     $0.00 / Month
Freehostia has come with ads-free "free web hosting" along with 5 Hosted domains and lot of other hosting features....
STARTING AT     $0.00 / Month
Hostinger has "free web hosting" with limited to 1 website and 3GB bandwidth.
STARTING AT     $0.00 / Month
Infinityfree has fatest free hosting for unlimited website and 99.9% uptime.
STARTING AT     $0.00 / Month
Site.Google is great for personal and small business websites with good uptime and speed.
STARTING AT     $0.00 / Month
Freehosting has "free web hosting" with 10GB for lifetime with good uptime and speed.
STARTING AT     $0.00 / Month
Atspace has "free hosting" with 1 site, 1GB, unlimited bandwidth and no ads.
STARTING AT     $0.00 / Month

Free Web Hosting

As Name show that free web hosting are totally without cost web service. There are many hosts that provide free hosting or even subdomains as free hosting. Two popular free hosting providers with their own domain name in name are blogger and WordPress.

Benefits of free hosting

  • The biggest advantage of free hosting is that you can get it without any cost.
  • One other advantage of free hosting that you can use it for learning purpose, later when you move to any paid hosting you are already familer with hosting.
  • If you want own some personal website or blog just for entertainment or some person marketing then It is recommend you will use any free hosting and don’t spend cost on paid hosting.
  • The free hosting is also beneficial for those organizations called non- profitable organization. Because they are doing a lot of activities and it’s their need to use it for communication without any cost.
  • The free web hosting is always user friendly and its best option for the people who are beginner , because they learn and come into technology world online without spending any cost.

Disadvantage of free web hosting

  • As free web hosting has no cost, so hosting provider gives a limited space, so you cannot run a big/huge website with this free web hosting.
  • It is fact that mostly free web hosting provider earn using advertisement, so they are showing advertisement on your website even you did not palace them. As some time they show popups that irritate some time your user. But many free hosting providers have term and agreement that they place banner and ads on your website.
  • In free hosting, they are not providing you a good support for trouble shooting and also hosting provider not become responsible for back and recovery in case of any hosting disaster or failure. While in Paid hosting, almost all hosting provider giving 24/7 support.
  • In free hosting, hosting provider does not care about uptime, because they are providing with limited bandwidth , site is slow down and hosting company does not guarantee uptime, while in paid hosting they dedicated a special bandwidth with you and provide good uptime close to 99.99%.
  • CGI and Perl script are not supported on free hosting. Even though many php script are blocked on free hosting, You can run those script until and unless you pay a cost.
  • There is too much useful feature that come with only paid hosting and not associated with free web hosting. Paid hosting has Search engine optimization (SEO) feature, ecommerce feature, may tools for building websites, auto backup, many security feature like free SSL, analytics etc.
  • In free hosting , sometime up gradation of software is not available while in paid hosting , they provide you all upgrades of application.


As in our discussion, we reach on the result that paid hosting is better for your business or personal website than free hosting in all terms, but again sometime it depends on your needs. It’s better for new comers’, but you will be wise in choosing free hosting according to your requirements.

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