Best Linux hosting of July, 2020

We have found best Linux hosting of by getting different reviews, opinions but we are not rating Linux hosting like others, because we believe that hosting choice depends on different factors , May be one hosting is very good in one factor but not as good on other factor. So Best way to read all plans and feature and choose best Linux hosting.
Time4vps is best "Linux hosting" accross europe.Time4vps offers "Linux hositng server" with secure storage and powerful hardware....
STARTING AT     €3.99 / Month
A2Hosting offers 4 plans for "Linux hosting" like shared hosting, reseller hosting, vps hosting and dedicated server hosting with high performance....
STARTING AT     $2.99 / Month
Interserver "Linux hosting" has server plans with unlimited domains,free domain."Linux hosting server" are presnet with global content caching....
STARTING AT     $1.00 / 3 Months
Fastcomet has Choice of Sahred,Dedicated, Cloud, & VPS "Linux hosting servers" with speed hosting.Fastcoment has best performance.
STARTING AT     $2.95 / Month
Hostinger "Linux hosting" is 2x faster with good specificaiton of "linux hosting server" and "linux hositng vps" .Hosting has opiton of RAID SSD....
STARTING AT     $0.99 / Month
Chemicloud has "Managed Linux hosting" with high performance,free SSL ,99.99% uptime guarantee and reliable cloud platform....
STARTING AT     $3.95 / Month
Iipage "linux hosting" has customization of PHP,Perl, and Python.Ipage gives 30 days money back guarantee and free domain....
STARTING AT     $1.99 / Month
Inmotionhosting has "Linux hositng" that is 20x faster than spining drives with unlimited disk space.
STARTING AT     $2.95/ Month
BlueHost has "Linux hositng" with resource protection, scalability, free SSL and marketing credits.
STARTING AT     $2.95 / Month

Linux hosting

Any hosting that use operating system Linux is Linux hosting. Mostly Linux include a third party application CPanel for development task. As Linux most popular hosting is used for PHP and MYSQL.

Linux hosting are provided by hosting provider in four forms that is shared hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated hosting and Cloud hosting.

Linux hosting is best for LAMP technology, and also for NGINX, Node.js and Ruby on Rails.

If you look Linux hosting as comparison of windows hosting, then It will be better to understand Linux hosting.

Advantage of Linux Hosting

  1. Easy usage
  2. As if you look at Linux and windows hosting, then you find Linux hosting cPanel is too much as compared to Windows hosting and more people are familiar with Linux hosting than Windows hosting.

  3. Security
  4. It is fact that Linux hosting is more secure than Window hosting. As no Operating system is 100% secure, but Linux to close of that in case of cyber-attacks.

  5. Open source
  6. As Linux is open source solution for its customer, because Linux does not belong to single person, It is collaborative that anyone can use.

  7. Cost
  8. Lot of user using the Linux, so Linux Operating system has all software present, there’s no extra software needed as in Window hosting, Therefore Linux has less cost in comparison with Windows hosting. Lot of hosting provider has too many cheap plans for Linux hosting according to your requirements.

  9. Fast
  10. One of major advantage of Linux is faster than other operating system, obviously as result one will get more fast processing, more speed for their websites. In window, there are lots of spyware; adware and other software running in background and Internal registry do the management of such software. Linux has no such option of running in background to slow down operating system, even no registry present.

  11. Plenty of Technology support
  12. Linux hosting supports plenty of technologies and CMS, not only few like Window hosting. Linux support PHP, Node. Js, Ruby and Rail, Codeigniter, Larval, WordPress, Drupal, Open cart, Magento etc. While in window you have option like and may be few others.

Factor to consider Linux hosting

When you are going to choose Linux web hosting, then consider following factors.

  1. Uptime
  2. You should check uptime of Linux hosting, and choose hosting provider that has close uptime 99.99%.

  3. Security
  4. You check Linux hosting security policy, even though Linux is secure but you should check to save website form hacker.

  5. Cost and Requirement
  6. As you should know Linux hosting has big market. Therefore you have more options for Linux hosting, you should need more surfing for choosing best host provider in cost and meeting your requirements.

  7. Support
  8. Obviously support is required for every hosting, If you are using shared hosting then maybe you comprise on support because all thing are managed and need less support, But you go with Linux VPS hosting or Linux Dedicated hosting then you need a 24/7 technical support.

  9. Back and Recovery
  10. You should check back and recovery policy, in case of any disaster; you cannot loose data/website.

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