Best Opencart hosting of July, 2020

We have found best Opencart hosting of by getting different reviews, opinions but we are not rating Opencart hosting like others, because we believe that hosting choice depends on different factors , May be one hosting is very good in one factor but not as good on other factor. So Best way to read all plans and feature and choose best Opencart hosting.
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Hostgator "Opencart hosting" is fast and secure web hosting with lot of features.
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BlueHost has "Opencart hositng" with resource protection, scalability, free SSL and marketing credits.
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Inmotionhosting has "shared hosting" for opencart with free SSD upto 20x faster.
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MilesWeb has "opencart hosting" with best feature and 99.95% uptime.
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Opencart Hosting

The hosting that is compatible with Opencart is called Opencart hosting. All shared hosting can be used for opencart hosting. Opencart is built using PHP programming language and MySQL database.

Opencart Hosting

Open cart is an open-source ecommerce based software. By using opencart you can setup you online store/business. Opencart is best suitable for small and medium size companies for online store.

What are advantages of Opencart?

Following are the major benefits of Opencart ecommerce application.

  1. Simple and Easy Installation
  2. It is fact that opencart has too much easy and simple installation process.

  3. Save Investment
  4. As Open cart is free, and very cost-effective themes and modules are available in Opencart.

  5. User friendly
  6. As administration part of opencart store is very much user friendly and you can manage it with a little bit knowledge without knowing any coding. Devloper is only required for enhancement of Opencart if required.

  7. Opencart community
  8. Opencart has already a number of community and which can easily help about it enchantment.

  9. Enhancement
  10. As opencart is open source, one can easily enhance / change its functionality or can hire a developer to enhance it.

  11. Multiple store
  12. Opencart manage single inventory for multiple store. You can run multiple store but all data on admin site will visible as single inventory.

What are disadvantages of Opencart?

Following are the major disadvntages of Opencart ecommerce application.

  1. Unstable Plug-in and Extensions
  2. When you enhance your online store, many plugin and extension of Opencart not work. Therefore you face difficulty to find extension and plug-in.

  3. Fewer Features
  4. Opencart has fewer features as compared to other shopping ecommerce platform. Therefore Opencart is only for medium level online store/business. User mostly goes for many paid extension.

  5. Future up-gradation
  6. The reviews for future purgation are not too much satisfactory about Opencart.

Who can use opencart and Opencart hosting?

As we have explained above in detail, but further it is good for small store, and our recommendation it is best where online payment is not involved, you will use it for cash on delivery service. Because online payment is sensitive, so Open cart is not too much secure as other shopping ecommerce platform.

You can manage, design, built your small store in it efficiently. And for new startup due to its cheap cost of hosting, It is one of the best choice, later you can move to any big shopping CMS like Magneto. You can deploy Open cart to any shared hosting. Maximum shared hosting on Linux are Opencart supported.

As Opencart official website depicts that siteground and A2Hosting are partner of Opencart. But you have number of choice given by us above for Opencart hosting. As we have already told that you can go for any shared hosting for Opencart.

What should you look for Opencart hosting?

You should check following point for Opencart hosting.

  1. PHP and MYSQL compatible
  2. Must select any hosting that is on linux and supported by php and mysql.

  3. Uptime
  4. You should check opencart hosting with 99.99% uptime.

  5. Security
  6. Security is too much concerned by opencart hosting, because opencart mostly depends on third party plug-in and extensions. So hacker can reach to your data, so must check security feature and policies for Opencart hosting.

  7. Backup and Recovery
  8. You must check Backup and recovery policy for opencart hosting, because in case of any failure/disaster, you can recover your data back from recovery.

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