Best VPS hosting of July, 2020

We have found best VPS hosting of by getting different reviews, opinions but we are not rating VPS hosting like others, because we believe that hosting choice depends on different factors , May be one hosting is very good in one factor but not as good on other factor. So Best way to read all plans and feature and choose best VPS hosting.
Bulehost is one the best "VPS hosting" provider.Bluehost provides domain Privacy, protection and siteLock for "VPS hosting"....
STARTING AT     $19.99 / Month
Fastcomet introduce "Fully Managed VPS" with SSD Cloud, Money back gurantee and Rapid Provisioning with automated backups....
STARTING AT     $47.95 / Month
A2Hosting offer "Cheap VPS Hosting" with unmanaged/managed and core.A2Hosting "hosting for vps" is 20x faster with 99.99% uptime....
STARTING AT     $5.00 / Month
chemicloud has "Cloud VPS hosting" with free SSL and 99.99% uptime. chemicloud "hosting for vps" is fully managed and ouststanding performance....
STARTING AT     $59.96 / Month
HostPoco offers "Cheap VPS Hosting" with various plan. HostPocot commited 99% uptime for "VPS hosting server" with high Quality Performance....
STARTING AT     $14.99 / Month
ARZHOST has "VPS Hosting" with SSD with Root Access, Anti DDoS. ARZHOST "VPS for hosting" has best performance and affordable prices....
STARTING AT     $6.30 / Month
Flaunt7 has cheapest VSP hosting plans on Cloud.Flaunt7 has best and reliable performance with high Quailty SSD for "VPS Hosting"....
STARTING AT     $3.49 / Month
Godaddy has self managed VPS/Fully managed VPS with cheap prices and high peformance servers....
STARTING AT     $4.99 / Month
Inmotionhosting has Managed VPS i.e simple, reliable, fast with free SSL.Inmotion has 90 day money back Guarantee for "VPS hosting"....
STARTING AT     $20.99 / Month
Hostinger give us simple,reliable and fast "Cheap VPS hosting" on Cloud.Hostinger has VPS hosting plans along with different storage and prices....
STARTING AT     $3.95 / Month
Interserver has "VPS Hosting" with high perfomace and Geographic diversity.Inerserver introduce Linux/Window "VPS Hosting"....
STARTING AT     $6.00 / Month
Hostwinds "best vps hosting" with 99.99% uptime and enterprise fireWall. Hostwinds gives multiple locaiton for "Cheapest VPS hosting"....
STARTING AT     $5.17 / Month
Tmdhosting has fully managed "VPS Hosting" with 30 days money back Guarantee.Tmdhosting "VPS hosting" is 20time faster SSD by integrating RAID....
STARTING AT     $19.97 / Month
KnownHost has four plan for fully managed "VPS Hosting" with Best uptime,DDOS Protection and Full Root Accesss Provided....
STARTING AT     $28.00 / Month
hostripples has "best vps hosting" options for windows/Linux. hostripples equipped with high security, Anti DDOS protection, Multiple OS....
STARTING AT     $1.96 / Month
DreamHost "VPS for hosting" has options of Managed VPS and 100% uptime Guarantee.DreamHost gives free SSL/TLS....
STARTING AT     $10.00 / Month
Hosten has "Unmanaged VPS Hosting" with low price and quality services.Hosten has two options Linux VPS (All versions) or Window VPS....
STARTING AT     $1.80 / Month
Skysilk Cloud services are best "unmanaged VPS hsoting" with cheap price.Skysilk "VPS hosting" is one the best hosting for Game Servers....
STARTING AT     $2.00 / Month
Milesweb is best cloud vps hosting provider with Window/Linux server.Milesweb USA based web hosting also provide India-based VPS....
STARTING AT     $9.00 / Month
Hostpapa offers state of art "VPS hosting" with all features.Hostpapa offers unlimited domains and websites with Guaranteed dedicated resources....
STARTING AT     $19.99 / Month
Contabo Europe based hosting provider has best performance. Contabo "VPS hosting" is available with Linux VPS Server or Window VPS Server....
STARTING AT     €3.99 / Month
Ipage is best "VPS hosting" with increased power, flexibility and control. Ipage hosting for VPS has advanced customization....
STARTING AT     $19.99 / Month
Vhosing is a European based company provide "VPS Hosting" with unlimited traffic and Guaranteed performance....
STARTING AT     €15.00 / Month
Namecheap gives "cheap vps hosting" plans with enhanced features. It is best "vps hosting" with free website domain name and privacy protection....
STARTING AT     $11.88 / Month

VPS hosting

` Any hosting with server that has multiple virtualized servers is called VPS hosting. Here before going into depth of VPS hosting we explain Virtualized Private Server (VPS).

What is Virtualized Private Server (VPS)?

The technology behind VPS is that one creates a Virtual box by VMware. VMware allow you create many Virtual box of server even with different operating system. As Word private depicts that Virtual server is reserved for you.

In simple we install virtual layer of top of Operating system that is called virtualization technology.

How does VPS Hosting Works?

As earlier , we have discussed VPS server, In reality hosting provider create Virtual box for each client on Server with help of VMware are any other software and each user manage own server separately. Because one dedicated server has more cost, so by creating VPS cost will be divided among all clients.

We can say that VPS is simulation of dedicated server but we are sharing physical server with other users in reality.

VPS separate file of each user on OS level, so it’s called a private server. You have given dedicated cpu, ram and diskspace in VPS hosting.

Types of VPS hosting

  1. Managed VPS Hosting
  2. VPS hosting in which host provider manage all administration, troubleshooting, application software and services, is called Managed VPS hosting.

  3. Self-Managed or Unmanaged VPS hosting
  4. VPS hosting in which you manage all administration, troubleshooting, application software and service by user/client , is called self-managed vps hosting or unmanaged vps hosting.

If you are expert in admiration, troubleshooting , application software installation and service then you can use self-managed vps hosting and save the cost, because self-managed has less cost than managed hosting. On the other hand , if you are not expert or you want to save time , then pay some extra cost and go with Managed VPS Hosting.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

  1. Privacy and Security
  2. In VPS hosting your Operating system is separate and you are not sharing with other, so it is more secure.

  3. Configuration and Customization
  4. In VSP hosting, client/user can configure or customize according to own requirement.

How to decocted best VPS hosting plan?

Here we describe some point that you should consider for vps hosting.

  1. Linux or Window
  2. First you should decide which operating system is fulfill your needs best. As an example, if you are using php then go for Linux VPS hosting and if you are using .NET then go for Window VPS hosting.

  3. Uptime
  4. You should check uptime of VPS hosting plans and rating 95% and above.

  5. Hardware
  6. Must ensure that VPS hosting server uses latest technology, including Solid state drive.

  7. Backup
  8. You should check back and recovery plan of VPS hosting provider in case of any disaster or failure.

  9. Support
  10. Due to any reason, site can go down, or some issues occurrence, so you should go with vps hosting provider that offers 24/7 support.

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